Friday, April 21, 2017

Artisan Tatoo and Cafe Where Great ART is also served: New Works by Megan Mertz/ 5001 Penn Ave/ (Heart + Peace))

At Artisan Cafe at 5001 Penn Avenue's  brewed coffee and art can well stand on their own! It was only a few years ago when pics of the cafe's recycled penny floor went viral. Now Artisan is a community institution. On may 5 during Unblurred, make sure you stop by to view the beautiful works of art by Megan Mertz, whose work is inspired by the still of the wilderness. She will have two series on display. One of North American wildlife in acrylic and the others are ink drawings of animals in the wild. Mertz uses bold lines and strokes in her work.  She captures what see in a glance on a hike or momentarily glean as we step outside our doors. Come enjoy these fully rendered glimpses passionately portrayed by the artist. Sez Mertz: " We can try to tame nature, but we are always at the mercy of things that linger just beyond our control. We can live harmoniously with wild creatures just by giving them their space."

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