Friday, April 21, 2017

ARTica's ECO mission is Antiques and RETRO...and CAPA High Eco Fashion @ GA/GI/ 5110 Penn/ (Heart + Peace)

5110 Penn Ave, affectionately called "fifty one ten penn," is a a literal treasure trove of long-ago loved items just begging to be taken home and loved again. Considered one of Pittsburgh's most unique little shops, the price range in more than reasonable, and the shop features furniture, lamps, art, home accessories, and some fashion accessories and jewelry. Items can also be rented for plays, movies or staging.  "You never know what you'll find @ ARTica." Open on May 5 @ Unblurred from 6-10 pm' or by appointment. 412-596-6521

Also See the Dress by Karen Page in the upper right hand corner of this page? Scroll down to the first GA/GI Post to learn more about CAPPA coming to ARTica Gallery To promo their CREATE looks to be modeled at the Create Festival on June 1, produced by the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

Representing the planet Mercury, a collaboration by Karen Page and Tom Higgs, Adjuncts/CAPA Visual Arts. See more and fashion by CAPA Kids on display @ ARTica

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Posted Below is just a SAMPLING of What's in Store for you DURING GA/GI Fest, an eco, art and tech Showcase @ Unblurred This Friday, May 5 bTW 4800-6000 Penn

HOURS: 6 pm to 10 pm... with some venues open later or earlier   Call  specific venues for their hours. WHERE TO START:   We suggest ...