Friday, April 28, 2017

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination goes "Imaginarium" bursting !0+ Artists w/ Photos, Videos and Film Projection / 5006 Penn / (Heart + Peace+ Robots)

Mike Bonello
This group show brilliantly cobbled by local  musician and long-time filmmaker employee Mike Bonello includes over 10 co-workers from the organization.
On Friday Mike, his band, his art and his friends take IF to a new level of cool.

Mike Bonello is a musician and experimental filmmaker living in Pittsburgh. He has been playing original music in Pittsburgh bands since 1991, and founded Rickety Records in 1994. His exhibitions are typically either multi-projector film loop performances accompanying live music,  installations, or immersive/interactive dance-party environments. He has been working on an on-going series of experiments involving triple-exposing color film while pointing the camera at various states of water, or dancers, or piles of glitter. He’s playing bass guitar in Terry & the Cops and Mantle Plumes, and acoustic music around the house. Super exhibition also featuring: Sue Abramson, Aaron Blum, Andrew Jason Coleman, Julie Gonzalez, Athena Francis Harden, Dan Wetmore, Ross Nugent, Christopher Smalley, Matthew R. Day, Brady Lewis and Meagan Koleck. For specifics click here

Anticipate/ Athena Francis Harden
Fife and Jones/ Coleman and Buffalo Man/Wetmore

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