Monday, April 17, 2017


Hello Again--

Monica Yope (center) Popcraft
Every year since 2010, The Geek Art/Green Innovators strives to find thought-provoking, and interesting projects, people and programs in the arts, eco and tech fields that can showcase during a hyper popular arts event --Unblurred--on Penn Avenue. Thousands flock for the enjoyment of the good (usually) weather and the promise of meeting, greeting, observing, interacting and possibly finding a friend or a future collaborator. This year's theme, "Love, Peace and Robots" is to reminds us all to move forward with a sense of kindness even in a day of technological revolution. Every year will look for a unifying theme for all who wish to participate and attend, but each GA/GI year is unique unto itself and unpredictable. You will have fun. Please come, and bring your friends and family. For a look back at a past GA/GI check out GA/GI 2016 here. AND...check back with this blog for more info as we aggressively update to give you a peek at what's in store for May 5, 2017.

Monica Yope from Popcraft held a workshop at ARTica, homebase for GA/GI earlier this year. During her workshop, we used her wonderful handmade stamps and came up with the theme for this year's GA/GI Festival. You'll note that we give every event a (Heart), (Peace) or (Robot) rating, so that you can more easily plan your evening, based on your interests. Heart is something you might do just for the love of it, (Peace) is something you may find especially relaxing or introspective or eco-centric while (Robots) we reserve for tech based projects or programming. Some events may have more than one rating or all three. But wherever you go during GA/ are going to enjoy it!

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Posted Below is just a SAMPLING of What's in Store for you DURING GA/GI Fest, an eco, art and tech Showcase @ Unblurred This Friday, May 5 bTW 4800-6000 Penn

HOURS: 6 pm to 10 pm... with some venues open later or earlier   Call  specific venues for their hours. WHERE TO START:   We suggest ...